Trust Tropic Oil for your Aviation Needs

Flying is the fastest and safest mode of transportation. But the convenience, speed and safety of air travel doesn’t happen by accident. It takes every piece of equipment to keep a plane functioning properly. Behind the power and efficiency of a plane’s engine is the oil used to lubricate its mechanical parts. When it comes to aviation fuel and lubricants, Tropic Oil Company in Miami has long been an industry leader.

The importance of using the right oil for aircraft can’t be overstated. From a technical standpoint, aviation oil itself doesn’t wear out.  However, prolonged use will result in the depletion of oil additives. One common type of aviation lubricant is ash-less dispersant aviation oil. It’s designed to suspend dirt and metal particles from a plane’s engine. Eventually the oil will become over suspended. By regularly changing oil, the engine is ridded of contaminants which can cause bearing corrosion and deposit buildup.  The longer a plane’s engine goes without an oil change, the more likely sludge will develop. This causes the engine to overwork and eventually break down.

When aviation oil is removed from the engine, it should always appear dirty. This indicates the lubricant has done its job properly by suspending dirt, metallic wear materials and unburned carbon. Phillips 66 recommends a typical airplane should have its oil changed every 25 hours when not using an oil filter. With an oil filter, that number increases to 50. It’s important to remember not all oil is the same. Automotive oil should never be used for a plane. Car oil contains additives which are designed for water-cooled engines which operate in a specific temperature and pressure range. Airplane engines are air-cooled and perform under a completely different set of standards.

Another important thing to remember is all aviation oil brands are different in performance. While every brand of aviation oil provides a form of lubrication, each manufacturer blends its own additives to enhance the lubricant. Each lubricant’s viscosity has a designated grade to be used for a specific engine requirement. It’s crucial to use the correct type of oil for a specific aircraft engine for maximum engine efficiency.

Tropic Oil provides a wide variety of aviation lubricants from many of the top manufacturers including ExxonMobil, BP and Phillips 66. These oils can be used for each specific aviation need including: piston oil, engine oil, aviation hydraulics as well as smoke oil for stunt planes. Tropic Oil can also provide bulk fuel for storage tanks and generators as well as fleet fueling and industrial purposes.

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