The Importance of Lube Oil in Miami

It doesn’t really matter what kind of machine it is, they all require a healthy amount of lubricant to keep functioning efficiently and effectively. Small engines like lawn mowers or chain saws need lubricant, so does the car you drive to work every day. The obvious function of lubricant is to make things like gears, hydraulics or any other moving parts more slippery. This helps prevent moving parts from locking with one another, reduces friction, transfers heat, and protects against wear, tear and rust. There are plenty of people who think that all Miami lube oils are the same, but there are actually specific lubricants which need to be used with various machinery. The experts at Tropic Oil Company can help you find the right lubricant for your machines so they run at peak performance. Using the right lube can not only help your machine run more efficiently, but also keep them going for longer without breaking down. Call Tropic Oil today to speak with one of our machinery professionals!

The term ‘lubricity’ is used to describe how effective a lubricant is at reducing friction and wear on a piece of machinery no matter how big or small. The best lubricants have a high boiling point, a low freezing point, a high viscosity (thickness) and are resistant to corrosion. Most lubricants are comprised almost entirely of oil, many 90% or more, with some synthetic additives which increase effectiveness.  Lubricants can be added directly to gasoline, which does not have any lubricating properties, to help some engines run better. Small, two-stroke engines such as weed whackers, for example, require a mixture of lubricant and gasoline to function their best.

Lubricating heavy machinery or equipment for construction for example is incredibly important because bigger machines generate more heat and more friction. Larger machines are also far more costly to repair so it’s in your best interest to keep everything lubed to prevent serious issues and save yourself a few bucks in the long run. Talking to the experts at Tropic Oil Company is a great way to learn how to get the most out of your machinery. As a leader in fuel sales and delivery in Miami, FL, Tropic Oil has the experience to help your fleet get the job done. Tropic Oil provides marine oil, aviation fuel and heavy industrial fuels so call (866) 645-3835 today and schedule your fuel delivery today!

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