What’s the Best Aviation Fuel in Miami?

Have you ever seen a cartoon where one of the characters decides to give their car a boost by filling the tank with jet fuel meant for an airplane? While it makes for a good episode, in real life putting aviation fuel in a road vehicle would be a total disaster for your car.  Aviation fuel comes in several forms each with unique characteristics so it helps to speak with the knowledgeable people at Tropic Oil Company when considering aviation fuel in Miami.

Aviation fuel is actually more like the oil used to heat a home furnace than it is the unleaded gasoline at the corner store by your house.  In fact, jet fuel bares a remarkable resemblance to diesel fuel and with a lubricating agent, could be used to power a diesel vehicle. So that means putting jet fuel in your gasoline powered car would destroy it much like putting diesel fuel in it would.

As you can probably imagine, a jet engine is a far cry from a car in terms of power and fuel needs. Jets require a high quality fuel which contains additives to prevent freezing at low temperatures and reduce the chance of the fuel igniting at a high temperature. Modern jet engines are called high-bypass turbofan and are far more powerful and efficient than those of years past. High-bypass turbofans require a highly refined form of fuel known as Jet A-1. Thanks to its flash and freeze points, Jet A-1 remains stable even in harsh condition. That’s something to be thankfully for at 35,000 feet.

A type of aviation fuel known as Avgas is popular in the flight community for those with small piston engine planes used for things like flying lessons, crop dusting, private flight tours and similar ventures. Like Jet A-1, Avgas differs from regular gasoline in its higher octane rating, meaning the fuel can withstand the higher compression rates in more powerful engines. There are two main grades of Avgas; 100 and 100LL. Avgas 100LL is simply a lower lead version and it is dyed blue for distinction. The amount of Avgas consumption worldwide has dwindled in the past two decades leading to more small planes with engines capable of running on Jet A-1, Jet A and Jet B.

If you’re in need of any kind of aviation fuel in Miami, FL, then contact the professionals at Tropic Oil Company today! A family owned company since 1952, Tropic Oil has the fuel and expertise to keep you moving! Call toll free today at (866) 645-3835 for more information.

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