Need Bulk Aviation Fuel in Miami? Tropic Oil Can Help!

Miami is one of the premiere destinations in the country for sun and fun. With three major international airports and smaller airports dotted all across the area, there is a constant demand for aviation fuel and lubricants in South Florida. Your company or airline may have the best fleet of planes in the world, but you’re not going anywhere without the right fuel. That’s why Tropic Oil Company is Miami’s source for wholesale bulk fuel and oil.

Aviation fuel is mostly referred to in the industry as “avgas”, but it’s also called aviation spirit in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe. Avgas is typically sold in smaller volumes and used in planes which do not have turbofan jet engines. For commercial passenger jets like those flown by Delta or JetBlue, a kind of fuel known as Jet A has been the industry standard for more than 60 years. The main difference between Avgas and Jet A is that Jet A remains a liquid even in extreme cold temperatures. At 35,000 feet, the average cruising altitude of a passenger jet, temperatures could be -50 degrees whereas smaller planes running Avgas don’t fly nearly that high.

The main distinction between the plane and the type of fuel used is the engine type. Propeller driven planes with one or two engines do not produce the same thrust as the commercial superfan on a new commercial jet, thus it can run on a standard high octane fuel. The Miami aviation fuel industry relies on companies like Tropic Oil to assist with ensuring the right plane fuel is delivered on time, every time.

To put things in perspective, the Titanic was one of the biggest ships ever built, weighing thousands of tons and carrying thousands of people. There were more than 150 coal furnaces on the ship and they had the ability to pump out a little more than 40,000 horsepower. General Electric produces the largest superfan engine on the market today and it has the ability to produce 110,000 horsepower. Remember that most planes have two and you can see how powerful planes today really are.

Avgas is more similar to the unleaded gasoline you put in your car, where Jet A is made almost entirely from kerosene with a few additives. Avgas is also more unstable than Jet A as it ignites very quickly while Kerosene burns very slowly. Just as important to the fuel is the lubricant. All aviation oil brands are different in performance so it can be hard to decide which is the right kind. While every brand of aviation oil provides a form of lubrication, each manufacturer blends its own additives to enhance the lubricant. Each lubricant’s viscosity has a designated grade to be used for a specific engine requirement. It’s crucial to use the correct type of oil for a specific aircraft engine for maximum engine efficiency. Contac the experts at Tropic Oil today for more information about aviation fuel and lube oil in Miami, FL.

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