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In today’s economy, local governments and businesses are doing their best to make every dollar count. In parallel, major oil companies have aggressively invested in the research and development of products and services optimized to extend engine and equipment longevity. ExxonMobil has implemented a lubricant analysis program that promises to significantly extend the service life of your valuable capital investments through improved maintenance practices informed and optimized by oil analysis.  Not only is it possible to extend service life, but our program shall reduce operating costs by minimizing mechanical failures between maintenance cycles.

The ability to preempt even one unforeseen engine failure in an operation of 250-300 pieces of equipment could underwrite the cost of oil consumption for a fiscal quarter—perhaps the entire year.

Tropic Oil Company has assembled a team of certified lubrication specialists to assist customers in understanding exactly what it takes to extend maintenance cycles and preserve valuable equipment. Our Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) —certified Lubrication Specialists are eager to meet with end-users in South Florida to identify and implement industry best practices that shall increase operational efficiency and reduce attendant costs.  Tropic Oil Company is ready to develop a tailored program for your enterprise today.

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