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The Marine Division of Tropic Oil Company has always been our strongest, and we are Florida's largest ExxonMobil marine lubricant distributor, servicing diesel ships, yachts, tugboats, heavy industrial shipping and cruise lines from Cape Canaveral around the tip of Florida to Key West, and up the west coast to Tampa. We also own a fleet of Coast Guard-approved trucks to distribute lubricants for its specialized needs. In addition to ExxonMobil, we are also distributors of Shell Marine Products and Vickers marine lubricants, including Sterntube, Stabilizer, Hydraulic and Thruster Lubricants manufactured in Leeds, England, and Shell marine lubricants.

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Matthew E. Davis

Tropic Oil Company, Marine Department, Operations and Sales
With Tropic Oil since 2005

Mr. Davis has 25 years of experience in the bunkering, petroleum products and shipping industries for Florida, U.S. Gulf and Caribbean markets. A 1984 graduate from the United States Merchant Marine Academy, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Marine Transportation and Nautical Science.

Phone Number: (305) 970-0153
Available Hours: 24/7

Specializes in: commercial vessel fuels and lubricants supply

Maria Solorzano

Marine Sales Logistic Coordinator
With Tropic Oil since 2011

Info not available. Coming soon...

Phone Number: 305-794-4323
Available hours: 9am-6pm

Specializes in: yacht fuel and lubricants supply


Tropic Oil has the required bunkering licenses and is Coast Guard approved to supply over water.

  Ports of service –

Ports of Service
  •     Port Everglades
  •     Port of Miami
  •     Port Canaveral
  •     Port of Tampa
  •     Port Manatee
  •     Port of Key West
  •     Port of Palm Beach
  •     Port of Ft. Pierce
  •     Port of St. Petersburg