Kingston: The Dominant Logistics Hub for the Caribbean

Boasting an expanded dredging of the main ship channel, we are seeing some of the largest vessels in the world calling here for bunker deliveries.  Kingston is the quintessential geographic location to take bunkers for routes headed to and from Europe and Africa.  In addition to having a precise strategic location, our operation runs like a well oiled machine (pun intended)!

The success this bunker operation can be attributed to our team at Scott Petroleum and our superior product.  Kingston deliveries take place on schedule, with the utmost safety precautions in place, competitive pump rates, and an educated team of professionals operating on board our barges.  Clients have consistently provided positive feedback on the professionalism of our team and their exceptional level of customer service.  Additionally, the VLSFO we provide here is known as our “Liquid Gold”.  This is a beautifully refined straight run product with a visc over 300, ideal for cargo vessels whose engines were burning HFO380 before IMO2020.  These same vessels have faced engine issues burning lower viscosity VLSFOs from neighboring ports.

Shipowners look for consistent, reliable suppliers for their fleets bunker needs.  Arranging bunkers with Tropic Oil in Kingston gives our customers the peace of mind they seek, confidently knowing they are in good hands and every resource will be exhausted to provide them exceptional service.  For so many different reasons, Kingston, Jamaica is the jewel of bunkering in the Caribbean and we are proud to be the leading supplier in this market.


James Stapleton
Director, Marine Sales

Kristine MerchanKingston: The Dominant Logistics Hub for the Caribbean