George E. LeVasser


With Tropic Oil since 1973

George E. LeVasser is the son of Tropic Oil’s founder, George A. LeVaasser. Mr. LeVasser graduated from the University of Florida with a pharmaceutical degree. After five years in the pharmaceutical field, Mr. LeVasser returned home to join the family business. In almost 5 decades of leadership at Tropic Oil, Mr. LeVasser has built a global reputation for Tropic Oil with a foundation in customer service, loyalty and attention to detail. With a tireless work ethic and true passion for the oil business Mr. Levasser continues to take great pride in what Tropic Oil Company has become.

Stephen Gorey


With Tropic Oil since 1990

Stephen J. Gorey graduated from Troy State University in 1990 with a B.S in Business Management. The day after his graduation ceremony, Mr. Gorey began his career at Tropic Oil. In his long tenure at Tropic Oil, Mr. Gorey has held virtually every position at Tropic Oil rising through the ranks of upper management. Mr. Gorey was named President of Tropic Oil in 2011. The core values of Tropic Oil were instilled in him by Mr. LaVasser by many years of life and business lessons. Mr. Gorey works relentlessly to maintain the culture and legacy of Tropic Oil while also growing the business. Under Mr. Gorey’s guidance Tropic Oil continues to reach new heights while maintaining the foundational principles that Tropic Oil was founded on.